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Please contact our firm at (864)-404-5583 or at We will lead you through a short intake process and provide you with a quote after learning of the critical information pertaining to your case. 

If you are looking for aggressive representation supplemented by in depth, individualized attention, look no further. You will be working personally with me throughout every stage of the proceeding as I fight for the best outcome possible. 

Attorney Marto will personally keep you up to date with any and all updates on your case as soon as they occur. We recommend you keeping your contact information up to date with our office to ensure that you are fully informed of everything happening in you case. 

Check is preferred. However, if this option is unavailable to you, this does not have to be a limiting factor. Reach out to our office and we will figure out the best payment solution available. 

We are located in the heart of downtown Columbia: 1122 Lady Street, Columbia, SC, 20201.

It is never a good idea to represent yourself in a criminal proceeding, regardless of the severity of the crime or stage of the proceeding. To secure the best results, you need a zealous advocate to go toe to toe with the State. 

A direct appeal is your first opportunity to attack a conviction. Direct appeals issues deal with issues regarding the law used at trial and are raised in the appellate courts. Attorney Marto has a wealth of experience identifying such issues and raising them in a persuasive way to maximize your chances of overturning the conviction. 

Post-conviction relief actions occur after your trial or plea hearing, or after your direct appeal has finished, if you elect to pursue one. The actions primarily revolve around claims of ineffective assistance of counsel, prosecutorial misconduct, or newly discovered evidence. You typically have one year after the appeal has finished or after your plea hearing or trial to file this action. However, the opportunity to pursue this action may still be available after the one-year period has lapsed in certain circumstances. Our office is happy to assess your case to determine whether this action is still available to you, regardless of your time frame. 

We are proud to cover the entire State of South Carolina.

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